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We are Castella13

About Us

Castella 13 is your new Pizza & Cocktails bistrot in Ibiza!

We can offer our customers delicious and authentic food, created to the highest standards.

If you are looking for a place to always have delicious poke, amazing salades and exceptional italian pizza, or simply enjoy a drink, Castella13 is the right place for you.

The key to our success is simple: to provide delicious dishes, made only with the purest and freshest ingredients that taste great every time.

We love healthy living, healthy food, quality raw materials: our goal is your satisfaction.

At Castella13 you can find great food, exceptional service and an atmosphere where people are treated as guests.

So eat delicious food. Get a drink. But above all, relax!

With so many delicious and exciting options to choose from, the only question is: where would you like to eat today?

Castella Pizza Bistrot

To enjoy very italian pizza

Traditional Pizza

Pizza in teglia

...a compartir!

Castella Cocktail Bistrot

To try bests cocktails

Alcoholic and analcoholic drinks

Gin selection

Cerveza and Wine

Castella Healthy Food


Platos frios


Focaccias and Tapas

Try our very Italian pizza

Get Served Like a King

Have you ever tasted a very italian pizza made of an italian chef?

At Castella 13 you can find traditional and creative, crafted from the finest ingredients.

If you love pizza, you need to visit us.
Traditional pizza and "Pizza in Teglia" a compartir!

What can I say, seeing is believing!